You must be aware of the importance of eyes as they are the most beautiful organ of the human body after brain. The eyes are the only thing that gives you the power to see the world around you, see color, read, cry and speak up with eyes. But other than this, eyes do one other thing i.e. it enhances the overall beauty of the face.  The darker and longer lashes situated over eyes not only prevent the eyes from water, dust, and infection but also work amazingly for beauty enhancer. Although not everyone is born beautiful with longer and darker lashes, some might be suffering from hypotrichosis. The great news is that it can be treated with help of medication and possible to grow lashes naturally to look beautiful without any makeup. That such medication is popular in the market by the name of Careprost eye plus.

Careprost eye plus drops is an amazing and affordable solution for treating the trouble of hypotrichosis. The medication works out amazingly on shorter or tinny lashes and grows them longer, curvy and darker in appearance in a natural manner. It is one of the FDA permitted ophthalmic solution known for its safest and affordable treatment.

Careprost eye plus is an amazing and affordable solution for the treatment of the trouble of hypotrichosis.

Careprost eye plus is a combination of generic Bimatoprost and Timolol. Bimatoprost belongs to prostaglandin analog while Timolol belongs to the beta blocker. Bimatoprost works on growing eyelashes; it acts by cumulative the development of the eyelash and further enlarging the anagen phase. It also decreases the telogen phase of the eyelashes. It also decreases the formation of aqueous humor and prevents glaucoma.

Careprost eye plus comes as of Bimatoprost (0.3mg/ml) + Timolol (5mg/ml). It is very easy to apply and recommended to apply it with a sterile applicator. Remove the eye makeup if you had applied any and take a one drop on the sterile applicator and smear it over upper eyelid like an as thin liner. You have to use the medication once a day before you go to bed as it works well at nighttime.  Continue with the medication use for the period of 16 weeks to see the magical response. Do not smear it on lower lid as it gets applied when you close your eyes for one minute after drug application.

You might notice some of the noxious effects of Careprost plus Eye Drops like a headache, edema, and blur vision, eye redness, pigmentation of the iris, vertigo, watery eyes, tear production, dry eyes, and dizziness and eye swelling.

Therefore, it is suggested to take out contact lenses before using the drops. Do not make use of any makeup product while using medication. If dizziness happens then avoid the driving and machinery work while using medication. The drug makes you sensitive towards the light; hence apply it at night always. The pregnant women and nursing mother are requested to avoid the use of medication. If you notice allergic reaction with Bimatoprost and Timolol, then avoid the use of Careprost plus.

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