Depression is a very common clinical condition that affects the individual emotionally and psychologically and affected millions of people throughout the world. In several developed countries depression becomes the leading disorder among all age group including teens. Patients, suffering from depression, experience the persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest that affects the quality of life. In addition, one may come across with how you feel, think and perform and can lead to a variability of emotional and physical problems. There are many reasons that can cause depression which includes unhealthy lifestyle, tension, overwork load, tearfulness, feelings of sadness, angry outbursts, emptiness or hopelessness irritability or frustration, even over small matters. In the beginning stage of patients evades its problem from others and when asked they hide and ignores the problem, which later becomes severe and turns into disorders. However, depression may need long treatment and can be controlled with the help of medicine called as Valdoxan.

Valdoxan is an effective medicine extremely suggested for the treatment of depression in adult patients. 

Valdoxan is a prominent medicine extremely suggested for the treatment of depression in adult patients. This medicine effectively manages indications that are associated with sadness like sleep disturbance, anxiety, and loss of interest in favorite activities, deep sadness, and change in weight. This medicine is made up of Agomelatine as the primary constituent comes in the family of medications known as a melatonergic antidepressant. This medicine performs an action by stowing an antidepressant effect and also expands mood during the depression by enlarging noradrenaline and dopamine chemicals in the intellect in to control major depressive episodes.   

To manage depression the commonly recommended dose of Valdoxan is 25 mg that is prepared in the form of the tablet to take it orally with the help of ample amount of water and can be used with or without food. This is advised to consume the medicine as recommended by the doctor as the dose varies from patient to patient. The patient is advised to use it on regular basis and be in contact with the doctor. One should not consume more doses at a time as this may show harmful effects and take as early as possible in the case of a missed dose.  In some patient, this medicine can show common unwanted effects such as dizziness, constipation, fatigue, nausea, back pain, difficulty in sleeping, excessive sweating, headache, or abdominal pain.      

Individuals who are allergic to any component in should not use the medicine and do not share it with others. One should not consume alcohol or any other products as these are not safe and can show harmful effects. Inform the doctor if you are suffering from any kind of medical disorders like kidney, breathing, liver, heart, mental, blood pressure or bleeding disorder. The patient should inform the doctor in the case of pregnancy and lactation. Prevent driving or operating any machinery until the effects of medicine vanish.

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