Depression is basically defined as common and serious medical complaint that damagingly affects how you feel, the way of your thinking and how your deed. Providentially, it is also remediable. Depression generally may produce the feelings of sorrow and/or a loss of attention in doing once enjoyed. It can escort to a variety of expressive and physical difficulties and can decline a person’s capability to perform at work and at home.

Warning sign of depression might be mild to severe or may vary from person to person. Sometimes, the symptoms mimic some medical illness, so better to identify the symptoms and medical illness associated with them. Common symptoms of depression comprise of Feeling sad or having a depressed attitude, Loss of interest or desire in doing once enjoyed, heaviness loss or gain distinct to dieting, Trouble sleeping or sleeping more, Variations in appetite, and Loss of energy or increased fatigue. Hence, if these symptoms persist for the period of 2 weeks then take the help of depression medication or visit the doctor for a medical checkup.

Valdoxan is a well-known pharmaceutical product composed of Agomelatine is used widely for the treatment of depression.

Valdoxan the well-known pharmaceutical product of Agomelatine has vast application in the treatment of depression. This is one of the safest approaches towards the wellness of depression. This medication is only recommended for the adult patient, and it also works well for the reversion of depression. By treating the depression, the drug makes you feel active and more energetic for the everyday activity.

Agomelatine the functional drug usually works on the melatonin and serotonin receptors situated in CNS. Melatonin is connected with the regulator of circadian rhythms and generating sleep. It shows its action by working on melatonin receptors in the brain. Agomelatine improves the working of melatonin and aids to re-synchronize the body’s circadian rhythms. Hence, it leads to enhance onset and superiority of sleep and generates anti-depressant consequence.

Valdoxan oral tablets commercially come as of 25mg strength. The person is requested to take one tablet of 25mg once a day orally with an enormous amount of water. The dose should always be taken before bedtime. If after 2 weeks of dose intake you did not notice any recovery action, then you can consume two doses of 25mg together at night time, but only after doctor consultation. For the effectual action and recovery, you must have to continue with the treatment for 6 months.

Although, the consumption of Valdoxan may cause some temporary effects like as dizziness, and back pain, and drowsiness, stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, raised liver enzyme, and difficulty while sleeping. Therefore, the person while on treatment with Valdoxan should have to circumvent the consumption of alcohol and grapefruit juices. The pregnant women and nursing mother should have to elude the consumption of Valdoxan. If you sense dizzy after drug intake then must evade the consumption of Valdoxan. If you suffer from the medical illness of liver, kidney, heart and allergic illness then must avoid the Valdoxan intake.

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