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Careprost Plus Eye Drops

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Generic Bimatoprost and Timolol Maleate Ophthalmic Solution

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Therapeutic description of Careprost Plus Eye Drops:

Careprost Plus Eye Drops is the complete solution of two different problems of eye i.e hypotrichosis and open-angle glaucoma. Persons who are having insufficient eyelashes can take this medicine can get long, dark, and thick eyelashes. Apart from this, it can also be used to treat expanded weight in the human eyes or ocular hypertension. This medicine contains two principle dynamic constituents namely Bimatoprost and Timolol.

The way of working of Careprost Plus Eye Drops:

Bimatoprost helps to grow eyelashes, it does so by increasing the growth of the eyelash and further augmenting the anagen phase. It also reduces the telogen phase of the eyelashes. Another action of this drug is to increase the outflow of aqueous humor from the eye by the spongy tissue called the trabecular network. Because of proper outflow of aqueous humor, there is a decrease in the intraocular pressure inside the eyeball.

Dosage recommendation of Careprost Plus Eye Drops:

It is very easy to use Careprost Plus Eye Drops. You can do it by use of a sterile applicator and then take a drop of this medicine over it. Then Put this medicine over the upper eyelash of each eye. Do it from inside to the outer end of the eyelash line. You can use this medicine once daily before going to bed. You can observe its beneficial action within weeks and for achieving complete full results in 16 weeks.

Conditions in which Careprost Plus Eye Drops cannot be used:

The use of Careprost Plus Eye Drops is contraindicated in pediatric patients under 16 years, or if you are allergic to any component of it.

Side effects of Careprost Plus Eye Drops:

You may face some of the noxious effects of Careprost Plus Eye Drops like a headache, conjunctival edema, mistaken vision, pigmentation of the iris, vertigo, dry eyes, and conjunctivitis.

Precautionary measures of Careprost Plus Eye Drops:

Your eye becomes blurry after the application of Careprost Plus Eye Drops, so avoid any risky task the application of this medicine. Never touch the dropper tip to avoid any contamination that can lead to infection. Talk to your doctor if you are dealing up with any swelling, inflammation, infection, or injury to the eye.

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