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Buy Crinone Gel (Susten Gel) - Progesterone Gel

Buy Crinone Gel (Susten Gel) - Progesterone Gel

Generic Progesterone Gel

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What is Crinone Gel? What is it used for?

Crinone Gel is prescribed to females who are infertile and facing trouble in getting pregnant due to low levels of progesterone. This medicine enhances the progesterone levels in the body so that she can easily conceive and get pregnant without any problem. Once conceived, an increased level of progesterone helps in preparing the uterus lining so that fertilized egg get attached to uterus and pregnancy can be maintained. Crinone gel is a synthetic form of naturally producing hormone of the body– Generic Progesterone. This drug is also used by females having an abnormal menstrual cycle.

What is the working action of Crinone Gel?

Progesterone hormone has the same work as progestin. It gets attached to progesterone and estrogen receptors. This drug boosts up the body process by correcting up to the ovulation process and does not allow the release of the egg and make the lining of the womb for pregnancy. It maintains the high levels of synthetic progesterone. In this way, it restricts the discharge of eggs from the ovaries.

What is the dosage recommendation of Crinone Gel?

Crinone Gel comes in various dosing strengths of 4%, 5%, 8%, and 10%. This gel should be used once or twice a day till women conceive. Then after conceiving she needs to follow it for 10 to 12 weeks till women’ body automatically starts making progesterone. Ask your doctor for more clarification about the dosing.

What are the conditions in which Crinone Gel cannot be used?

  • Crinone Gel cannot be used in conditions like abnormal vaginal bleeding, liver disease, or having breast cancer.
  • A woman sensitive to any component of Crinone Gel is not advised to use it.

What are the risky effects associated with the use of Crinone Gel?


  • Unusual vaginal bleeding
  • Blood clot
  • Dizziness or drowsiness
  • Depression


What are the precautionary measures needs to be followed while using Crinone Gel?

  • Use of Crinone Gel can enhance the risk of blood clots or breast cancer; if you notice any sign of it call your doctor on urgent basis.
  • Do not drive or do such works that need your mental presence as Crinone Gel makes you dizzy.
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