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Diazepam, its salient features, and indication:

Diazepam is the drug of choice treatment of anxiety insomnia and anxiety associated with alcohol withdrawal. Diazepam improves the quality of life of these patients by efficiently putting a hold on cravings due to alcohol withdrawal, uselessness due to insomnia and apprehensions and excitability due to Anxiety. Diazepam has anticonvulsant, hypnotic, anxiolytic, amnesic and muscle relaxant properties associated with it. Diazepam is also given to patients suffering from preoperative anxiety.

Diazepam method of acting inside the body:

Diazepam is a benzodiazepines category drug that binds to the benzodiazepine receptors present on GABA receptors forming a complex that has increased affinity for GABA. This results in higher concentration of GABA available for more inhibitory effects. This leads to hyperpolarization of the cell membrane which brings about the inhibitory functions curbing the excitability and making the rather anxious mind feel tranquilized.

Dosing schedule of Diazepam?

The most recommended dose for the treatment of anxiety is 2 to 10 mg taken orally in 2 to 4 divided doses. For the treatment of anxiety related to alcohol withdrawal, take 10 mg of Diazepam for 3 to 4 times daily for the initial 24 hours. The dose can be then reduced to 5mg as a maintenance dose. For muscle spasm, Diazepam needs to be taken in dosing strength of 2 to 10 mg, three to four times a day.

What are side effects of Diazepam?

Certain side effects related to this therapy are sedation, dizziness, puzzlement, change in,  stomach upset, salivation, improper vision, and exhaustion.

Which are the contradictory factors for this therapy?

Ceratin medical cases that do not entertain the use of this medication are

  • Severe hypoventilation
  • Acute narrow-angle glaucoma
  • Liver disorders
  • Allergy to any compound present in Valium

Which are the precautionary steps to be taken care of?

  • You should avoid alcohol drinking while being on Diazepam therapy as it may aggravate the side effects.
  • Diazepam can be habit-forming, do not take this drug in amounts higher than prescribed by your doctor, it can lead to addiction and misuse.
  • Do not stop Diazepam abruptly as that may lead to withdrawal.

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