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Melalite 4% 30 gm Cream

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Generic Hydroquinone, Glyceryl Mono Para Amino Benzoate - Melalite Cream 4%

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Brief synopsis about Melalite cream-

Melalite is used topically as an externally applied formulation in the form of a cream for the management, treatment, prevention, and control of skin issue of discoloration. Pigmentation, melasma, pimples, acne, brown patches, age spots, comedones and such other skin flaws are managed by using the Melalite cream for reducing the darkness due to skin faults.

Therapeutic working of Melalite cream-

Melalite cream is a brand formulation that encompasses Hydroquinone as the therapeutic ingredient, which helps in lightening the darkness of skin because of mentioned skin issues. Due to bleaching effect of Melalite cream, the tyrosinase enzyme is inhibited and thus the skin is protected from sun rays damage by declining the penetration of this enzyme. Additionally, Melalite cream inhibits the production of melanin pigment, which gives the skin its color.

The way to use Melalite cream-

Melalite cream is externally applied as a topical preparation and is usually suggested to use this cream for twice daily or as advised according to your skin condition. Do not use Melalite cream in excess as this may cause skin damage. If you do not notice any progress in 2months of the use, then discontinue the use of this cream and see the dermatologist.

Side effects of Melalite cream-

  • Depigmentation
  • Sense of mild burning at the applied area
  • Allergies
  • Localized contact dermatitis

Contraindications for the use of Melalite cream-

  • Pregnancy and lactation are contradictory for the use of Melalite cream.
  • Use of Melalite cream is conflicting in children and geriatric persons.
  • People with oversensitivity to any ingredient of Melalite cream should not use this formulation.
  • Cases of sunburn or any other skin issues are conflicting for the use of Melalite cream.

Precautions to be taken while using Melalite cream-

  • Contact of Melalite cream must be avoided with eyes, nose inside, and mouth.
  • Unnecessary exposure to sunlight must be avoided when relying on Melalite cream.
  • Use of Melalite cream must be avoided during itching, excessive inflammation, or vesicle formation.

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