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ru486 mifepristone abortion kit

Buy RU486 Abortion Pill Online | Generic Mifepristone For Abortion

Generic Mifepristone RU486 Kit

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RU486 is hugely using abortion pill that freed women from the dilemma of accidental or unplanned pregnancy by successfully abolishing their pregnancy. It is a brand name of generic Mifepristone, which due to its unbeatable effects in resisting the growth of the fetus and thus finishing a pregnancy has become the first choice of women among all the common accessible abortion pills in the market. Moreover, they offer a woman an approach to cease her unplanned gestation in a painless and cheap manner, which they cannot accomplish with surgical procedure of abortion. This pill can be only used for the cessation of a pregnancy that is not more than 7 weeks.

How does RU486 annihilate an unwanted gestation?

The prime constituent Mifepristone of RU486 is an antiprogestin, which functions through arresting the working and release of progesterone hormone in the female body. Progesterone plays a decisive role in the continuation of pregnancy, as a growing fetus receives oxygen, nutrients, and blood in the womb through the progesterone hormone and thus its inhibition hampers fetus to receive such essentials that are required for its growth. Consequently, fetal growth blocks and fetus death takes place.

Dosing schedule with RU486:

RU486 is a collection of three pills of Mifepristone (200mg each) that a woman has to swallow as an individual dose by mouth on an empty stomach with an ample amount of water. On the third day woman needs to visit a nearby clinic to get affirm an ultimate abortion and if the report indicates that abortion is incomplete then, in that case, she has to administer two Misoprostol pill (200mcg each) as per the convenience of the vaginal or oral route of administration. Then again, after waiting for a couple of days she needs to meet gynecologist to confirm an abortion.

Conflicting factors with RU486:

Do not use this pill if you possess any of the underlying conditions:

  • unusual vaginal bleeding
  • endometrial hyperplasia
  • liver or kidney disease
  • problem with thyroid or adrenal gland
  • allergic reactions to Mifepristone

Annoying effects with RU486:

While following RU486 woman may experience some annoying effects such as stomach cramps, backache,  feeling of tiredness, headache, giddiness, loose stools, stomach upset, and vaginal discharge.

Safety steps to be pursued with RU486:

  • Be sure to expel out your intrauterine device earlier placing this pill.
  • With the utilization of this pill, you are not allowed to drink alcohol, or intake grapefruit or grape juices.
  • Never offer this pill to any woman for annihilating an ectopic pregnancy or a pregnancy of greater than 49 days.
  • Eat green vegetables and avert engaging in any wearisome action.

Customer Reviews

fantastic place to buy medicines online Review by Dazy
Fantastic delivery service by this pharmacy of abortion pills at a reasonable price without the need of a prescription. (Posted on 4/11/18)
Well-managed online pharmacy Review by Danielle
I took the services of this online pharmacy last week, this online pharmacy is trustworthy and the delivery of the product was on time. (Posted on 4/2/18)
private and secure abortion method Review by Megan
RU486 is a private and secure abortion method which can be executed at home without taking into account a doctor. I have used this medical abortion method for terminating my pregnancy of 4 weeks. You can also try this. (Posted on 3/22/18)
best non-surical abortion method Review by Frances
I was dealing with an unplanned pregnancy of 5 weeks and afraid of surgical abortion then, one of my friends recommended me this abortion pill kit. This abortion pill kit is really very effective and there is no need of any doctor while using this abortion pill kit. (Posted on 3/19/18)

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