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SUSTANON 100 and 250mg

SUSTANON 100 and 250mg


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Sustanon is one of the most renowned Testosterone products accessible. It is widely used for the bodybuilding. Athletes and actors for easy and fast bodybuilding use it. It is much safer than other bodybuilding medicines. It works best for enhancing the performance in athletes. It will help you to get a muscular body and perfect physique.

Mechanism of action of Sustanon (testosterone injections):

Sustanon is the name given to testosterone injections. It increases the protein synthesis, which is building a block of muscle tissue. It increases the nitrogen retention, which is very much useful in bulking and cutting cycles of bodybuilding. In addition, it increases the red blood cells that increase the capability of the muscle to act. Therefore, Sustanon helps in building a perfect body.

The dosing regimen of Sustanon (testosterone injections):

For the therapeutic purposes in case of low testosterone levels, you can administer 250mg of dose intramuscularly in every 3-4 weeks. For the bodybuilding and for performance you can administer the dose of 250-1000mg per week. The ideal dose is 500mg for this purpose. However, you can administer 750-1000 mg per week if required. Never takes the excess of this medication. It may result in critical conditions.

Side effects of Sustanon (testosterone injections):

Development of breast in males, water retention, anxiety, increased facial or body hair, breast swelling, headache, male-pattern baldness, changed libido, numbness, or pain at the injection site are the common side effects of Sustanon.

Contraindications of Sustanon (testosterone injections):

  • You should not use these injections if you have prostate cancer, heart disease, liver disease, male breast cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, or kidney disease.
  • You should not use these injections in case you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.
  • You should not use these injections in case you are using blood thinners.

Precautions of Sustanon (testosterone injections):

  • Misuse of Sustanon injection can cause dangerous effects.
  • It is cautious to use this medicine in children and older people.


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