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Buy Progesterone Susten 200mg/2ml Injection

Buy Progesterone Susten 200mg/2ml Injection

Generic Progesterone

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Get to know about brief introduction of Susten-

Susten is a synthetic preparation that has a similar action to the female hormone Progesterone. It is used for the treatment of menstrual disorders caused by the insufficient amount of Progesterone hormone for women who did not reach to menopause. The effectiveness of Susten is also seen in preventing the overgrowth in the lining of the uterus who are taking estrogen hormone replacement therapy. Susten contains an important generic drug namely Progesterone.

Get to know about the functional action of Susten-

Progesterone combines with progesterone and estrogen receptors. Then it will reduce the frequency of discharge of GnRH hormone from the hypothalamus and direct the pre-ovulatory LH surge. Progesterone also increases the development of mammary alveolar tissue by relaxing the uterine smooth muscle. It has somewhat estrogenic and androgenic activity.

Get to know about the dosing schedule of Susten-

Advice dose for Amenorrhea: You need to inject Susten 5 to 10 mg in muscles for 6 to 8 consecutive doses. If ovary remains active to produce a proliferative endometrial, then withdrawal bleeding may be expected 48 to 72 hours after the last injection.

Advice dose for Uterine bleeding: Inject Susten 5 to 10 mg in muscles once per day followed by 6 doses. It is expected that bleeding may be stopped within 6 days.

Get to know about the observed side effects of Susten-

Some of the negative effects of Susten include chest pain or discomfort, headache, depression, fever and chills, dizziness etc.

Get to know about the conflicting conditions for the use of Susten-

  • Abnormal vaginal blood loss
  • history of breast cancer
  • liver disease
  • heart attack recently
  • blood clot
  • Allergy to any compound of Susten

Get to know about the safety precautions for the use of Susten-

  • Do not take Susten in pregnancy without letting your doctor known as it may cause unwanted side effects.
  • If you face severe stomach ache or yellowness in your eyes, then you need to contact your doctor.
  •  Do not drive your car or bike after taking Susten as it may make you sleepy so it enhances the chance of an accident.

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