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Tadalafil 20 MG

Tadalafil 20mg Tablets


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A brief narration about Tadalafil:

Tadalafil is the generic product that helps in the relaxation of blood vessels of the penile section and allows enough blood to flow towards the penile giving it enough capability of holding for an extended time. Tadalafil helps in the achievement of the erection within the lesser duration soon after sensual arousal. Tadalafil gives the person an intimacy that is pleasurable and satisfied one.   

Mechanism of action of Tadalafil:

Tadalafil falls under the classification of PDE5 blocker that helps in the blocking of the action of the PDE5 enzyme and inhibits the degradation of cGMP element that is present in the male genital section. This element is responsible for the increase in the relaxation of muscles of blood vessels and leading to the increased amount of blood flowing towards the penile. This provides enough pressure to the penile making it harder and erects for the time being involved in intimacy session.

Dosing schedule for Tadalafil:

Tadalafil tablets are commercially available in the dosing strength of 20 mg. A single tablet of Tadalafil is consumed thirty minutes before entering into the intimacy session. This medicine gives its therapeutic effect onto the blood vessels for almost 36 to 48 hours and the male should take another dose after completion of 3 days of the first tablet. The medicine could be consumed with food or without food.

Precautionary tips with Tadalafil:


  • Alcohol intake should be ceased during the medication with Tadalafil.
  • Any nitrate medicine is not supposed to be consumed along with Tadalafil medicine.
  • This medicine should not be prescribed to the person below the age of 18 years.
  • Do not drive or indulge in alert requiring tasks soon after the use of this medicine.
  • Heavy meals should not be consumed before or after the intake of medicine.


Side effects:

A male using these pills could also observe some side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, painful erection, tiredness, sleepiness, blurring of vision, nausea, vomiting, swelling, muscle cramps, or stomach discomfort.


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