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Yasmin Pill

Buy Yasmin Pill | Oral Contraceptive Pills

Generic Drospirenone + Ethinylestradiol (Yasmin Pill)

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1 Strip Yasmin Pill (Drospirenone 3mg, Ethinylestradiol .02mg) 24 pills $26.99 $26.99
3 Strips Yasmin Pill (Drospirenone 3mg, Ethinylestradiol .02mg) 72 pills $23.33 $69.99


What is Yasmin? Why is it prescribed?

Yasmin is a safe and easy solution for avoiding the chance of unexpected pregnancy. This is an oral contraception that is very effective and should be used by every female for getting ready for any time intimacy. Using this medicine on daily basis, this helps her to pursue her education or her career, without facing the trouble of mistimed pregnancy. Whenever she feels that she is ready physically as well as mentally to be a mother, she can stop taking this medicine and can enjoy the parenthood.

What is the mode of action of Yasmin?

Yasmin is a synthetic version of generic medicines namely Ethinyl estradiol and Drospirenone. Both of these generic moieties together work in three ways to block pregnancy. Firstly, it stops the release of the egg at the time of periods and thus delays the ovulation process.  Secondly, it increases the viscosity of vaginal mucus so that sperm did not reach egg leasing to stoppage of fertilization. Thirdly, it changes the uterus’s lining, so that implantation of the egg does not occur and egg goes out of the body as it is.

What is the manner of taking Yasmin?

Single pack of Yasmin contains 28 pills:

  • 21 are the active pills (hormonal pills)
  • 7 pills are the reminder pills (non-hormonal)

You need to take one active pill daily for the 21 days continually till the last active pill. After completing it, she needs to take reminder pills once daily for the consecutive 7 days. After completing the last reminder pill, within 3 days, she may get her periods. After completing the reminder pills she needs to take the new pack from the next day without thinking about the periods.

What are some negative outcomes of using Yasmin?

Some of the reported side effects of Yasmin are breast tenderness, mild nausea, weight fluctuation, darkening of facial skin and augmented hair growth.

What are the contraindications and precautions of using Yasmin?

Use of Yasmin is contraindicated in case of sensitivity to any component present in Yasmin as it may allergic symptoms.

Taking Yasmin may enhance the risk of blood clots so better to ask your doctor about it.

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