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Eriacta 100mg

Eriacta 100mg | Sildenafil Citrate

Sildenafil Citrate | Eriacta

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Get into briefings of medicine Eriacta 100mg:

Eriacta consists of active pharmaceutical moiety Sildenafil citrate (FDA approved). This medicine is a premier choice for those men that take a lot of time to get arouse or say to turn up stiff/sturdy in the penile shaft for the time that the couple can reach their climax completely and easily. Men those were previously incapable in satisfying their women this medicine can bring a miraculous change in their intimate life. 

Get into details of the mechanism of action of Eriacta 100mg:

Eriacta consisting Sildenafil citrate acts in men by inhibiting the function of enzyme PDE-5 whose role is to break down the molecules of cGMP into subunits. Inhibition of this particular enzyme in men builds the concentration of cGMP in excess that later produces a commendable change in the physiology or penile blood vessels and muscles henceforth allows a huge stream of blood flow in the groin region. Thus, makes man intimate organ full of blood, long and thick.

Get into dosing regimen of Eriacta in succinct:

Eriacta 100mg is a tablet that any man above the age of 18 years can take with water for one time in a day without breaking or crushing the dosing under the teeth. You can take Eriacta dosing with or without meals. Patient on taking up this dose can enjoy the erection benefits for a longer time like 4-5 hours but you are suggested to not to repeat the dosing prior completing 24 hours.

Get into some knowledge about side effects of taking Eriacta?

Giddiness, blur vision, headache, red face, muscle pain, heartburn, and painful erection are some of commonly noticed adverse effects of Eriacta.

Get some details of precautionary measures one should take when on Eriacta?

  • Men must not take grapefruit juice, alcohol and caffeine when taking Sildenafil
  • Fatty meals and nitrate medication you should avoid when taking Sildenafil
  • Do not operate motor and any machine when taking this drug

Get some details of contraindications of using Eriacta?

Strictly you should not use Eriacta in following cases:

  • Have any hypersensitivity to any component of medicine
  • Have any issues allied to genitals, kidney, liver, or heart like hypertension and arrhythmia
  • Already been on is conflicting to take Eriacta if you are taking nitrate medication as this can cause sudden hypotension.

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