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Generic Anadrol - Oxymetholone 50mg

Generic Anadrol - Oxymetholone 50mg

Oxymetholone 50mg

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Brief summary about Oxymetholone-

Oxymetholone is the generic component that is available with Oxydrolone and Anadrol brand names. Oxymetholone is an effective medicine for bodybuilders and athletes to gain muscle mass, strength, and endurance. Oxymetholone is an anabolic steroid with androgenic properties.  

What is the functional activity of Oxymetholone?

Oxymetholone helps to promote weight gain, increases appetite, boost red blood cell count, and aids in strength gain. Oxymetholone is a synthetic derivative of testosterone that helps to balance nitrogen level in the body and promote protein synthesis. Oxymetholone helps to improve the muscle strength with such actions with its potent androgenic properties.

How should you take Oxymetholone?

Oxymetholone is accessible as an oral dosage formulation with Anadrol and Oxydrolone brand names as 50mg strength. Take Oxymetholone orally and may be taken with milk or food if stomach upset happens. The usual dosing regimen is 50-150mg per day while in some cases the higher dose may be given such as 300mg per day. Do not alter the dose and take only as recommended.

What side effects are observed with Oxymetholone?

Bloating, headache, general feeling of unwell, allergic reactions, unusual hoarseness, mood change, acne, and hair loss or breast enlargement are some generally noticed side effects of Oxymetholone.

What are the conflicting conditions for the use of Oxymetholone?

  • Patients with prostate or breast carcinoma, nephrosis, kidney, liver, or heart disorder should not use Oxymetholone.
  • It is contradictory to take Oxymetholone during pregnancy and breastfeeding states.
  • If you notice any hypersensitivity reaction to any constituent of this medicine, then do not take Anadrol or Oxydrolone.
  • It is not safe to give Oxymetholone to children and geriatric people.

What are the safety precautions while using Oxymetholone?

  • Drinking alcohol while relying on Oxymetholone can cause aggravation of side effects so you must avoid the use of it.
  • Sharing your medicine with any other person can lead to adverse effects so avoid this.
  • Precaution should be taken care while driving or performing any other task that demands attention after using Oxymetholone.

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