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Privacy Policy

Bestgenericdrug takes great care to protect personal data provided by the customers and processes such data comparatively and lawfully in accordance with the international data protection act. We are not legally authorized to sell, charter, exchange, or otherwise, disclose your personal information provided while registering yourself on the website. In addition, we do not incorporate on our site any functionality allowing third parties to perform "reverse searches" to recognize people from e-mail addresses or other information. We reserve the right to mail subscription maintenance e-mails to inform our loyal customers of particular changes that may affect their capability to operate the website.

Anyone can utilize the website without revealing his or her personal information. Bestgenericdrug needs certain information from you at the time placement of your order or while utilizing any other services of the website. During these times, we only require certain details including name, address, email id and medical record about the customer. At our sole verdict, we reserve the right to refuse or terminate the registration of any customer with or without giving any preceding notice.

In order to collect, communicate, and store the personal information about the customers, we maintain the safeguarding procedures. Our company's privacy policy reveals that how we accumulate, collect, and utilizes the personal information provided by the people who use the website. In any case, we never force our customer to share their credit card or debit card details.

Bestgenericdrug makes use of strict security devices and procedures to safeguard the customer's personal information invariance to unlawful access. We defend the personal information of our registered users and customers behind confined networks and are only available for a restricted number of people who have special access rights to utilize such systems. Additionally, all vulnerable or credit information provided by our customers is encrypted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Most of all, we utilize numerous safety measures whenever you place an order, present, or make use of your personal information.

We know that you think about how we preserve, utilize and hand out your personal information, so we are grateful for your faith and kindness you showed towards us to do that cautiously and intelligently.