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Buy Generic Sustanon | Testosterone Compound Online

Buy Generic Sustanon | Testosterone Compound Online

Testosterone Compound 250mg

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Beneficial uses of Sustanon 250:

The branded medicine Sustanon 250 is a powerful steroid having fewer side effects. This drug helps a man to build up muscles with some physical task and right diet. Therefore any man can get the toned body by giving a right shape to this medicine. This medicine is also used in the persons having low levels of testosterone. There are 4 testosterone compounds present in a single pack of Sustanon and they are Testosterone isocaproate, Testosterone propionate, Test phenylpropionate and Test decanoate. Use of this drug is also done in male hypogonadism issue and many athletes in performance enhancements.

The way of working of Sustanon 250 in the body:

The Testosterone compounds of Sustanon works in 5 ways:


  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Enhanced nitrogen retention
  • Blocking of glucocorticoid hormone
  • Augmented IGF-1 output
  • Increased RBC count


By increasing the protein synthesis, this testosterone compound increases the formation of a protein by cells. In this way, it boosts up the anabolic environment by increasing the nitrogen levels in the body.  Then it promotes the red blood cells count so more blood oxygenation results in more muscular endurance resulting in increased recovery and then it makes the anabolic atmosphere. It also enhances the IGF-1 factor that helps in body’s recovery and renewal. It also blocks the glucocorticoid or stress hormone that minimizes the muscle wasting and fat promoting hormone.

The right way of taking Sustanon 250:

Accurate composition of Sustanon 25 is:


  • 30/ml Testosterone Propionate
  • 100/ml Testosterone Decanoate
  • 60/ml Testosterone Phenylpropionate
  • 60/ml Testosterone Isocaproate


For treating the low testosterone level it is advised to take an injection of Sustanon in muscles at every 3-4 weeks. For performance enhancement purpose, the advised dose of Sustanon is250mg-1000mg via the intramuscular route weekly. Some men prefer to take Sustanon dosing of 750mg-1000mg per week

Precautionary and contra indicatory advise that is important to follow by a user of Sustanon:

  • In some of the conditions, the use of Sustanon is contraindicated like the history of primary liver cancer, Nephrosis, Severe liver or kidney ailments, Male breast cancer, High blood cholesterol, Diabetes mellitus, Prostate cancer and sensitivity to any drug of Sustanon injection
  • It is advised that the boys who do not reach to puberty should not use Sustanon.
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