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Filitra 40mg

Filitra 40mg | Vardenafil Tablets

Generic Vardenafil

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Filitra is an oral preparation that is prominently used around the world by adult males who are suffering from the sensuous condition of erectile failure. This condition happens because of low blood supply towards erectile organ that makes a man unable in attaining and sustaining the hard erection while lovemaking.

What is the therapeutic action of Filitra?

Filitra is a brand for generic Vardenafil, which is a PDE-5 inhibitor and works by blocking the action of a PDE-5 enzyme in order to prevent the deterioration of cGMP, which is required for blood vessel relaxation around genital part. Hence, after the successful sensual arousal, your body tends to release nitric oxide that helps cGMP to widen the narrowed arteries that further helps in the sufficient blood circulation towards erectile organ helping a man with a sturdy erection.

How should you take Filitra?

Filitra 40mg tablet is suggested to be taken orally with water and irrespective of the food. Take a single pill at about an hour before getting sensual with the partner so that the drug begins to act within 30minutes and stay longer in action for next 4-5hours. Hence, you need to keep the gap of 24hours between two doses.  

What are the adverse effects of Filitra?

  • Muscle pain, back pain
  • Nausea, dizziness, headache
  • Hazy vision, runny nose, indigestion
  • Facial flushing, priapism (prolonged or painful erection)

Who should not take Filitra?

  • Men of less than 18years and above to 65years of age should not take Filitra.
  • Patients with liver, kidney, genital, heart or bleeding disorder must not take Filitra.
  • If you are using any drug with nitrate moiety then you should not use Filitra.
  • Taking Filitra in case of allergic responses to any moiety of this drug is a contradictory condition.

What are the precautions while using Filitra?

  • Take precaution with the use of grapefruit juices and high fatty meal with Filitra else, these may decrease the drug absorption in the body.
  • Alcohol use with Filitra may cause aggravation of side effects, so you must not drink alcohol while using Filitra.

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